Thursday, May 22, 2008

Books and crochet hooks!

I went for a small walk into town today, with the weekly ultrasound as per usual, we just sauntered around looking at shops and little girl outfits for miss lilly, where I could have sold my soul for several of their beautiful clothes.

I picked up my next book for our bookclub, Chocolat by Joanne Harris, and have eagerly read 10 pages, its so stunningly written I can see myself turning the pages hungryly. Quick snap shot before I left the house this morning! gosh I need new coloured hair!

Ive been spending my nights on the couch with my uggies on, heater blareing on me knitting various projects, mainly sophs mittens, which after a few pattern hiccups are on their way to finishedom! might knit myself a pair in a different colour when Ive finished all the million other things Im currently working on.

I finished this little cute beanie for my sister little bundle which should be born in the next week *fingers crossed* It was hard to get the actual colour of the beanie with my camera and the horrible light in my lounge room!

I also picked up a crochet hook! and so the learning begins!! Youtube has some awesome tutorials! so Ill be spending my weekend trying to learn the crazy art of crochet!

Will post again soon!


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  1. Oh I love that title! How fabulous! The little hat looks adorable! You are so talented. Been so busy this week, sorry I haven't been on MSN. Isn't Chocolat just beautiful, I'm so loving it! Already thinking of other lovely books to read. What do you think about tomorrow for a phone conference for our book review?

    Miss you lots and lots x


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