Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Granny squares and pulling hairs!

So its been a few days since I last posted, but its been a semi productive few days!, I took at trip to tamworth to visit spotlight, thats 2 and a half hours EACH way lol, if that isnt dedication to all things crafty I dont know what is! I picked up two packs of crochet hooks ranging from size 2-12 in fab retro 80s colours, at least I wont lose them! Ill take some pics of them when I can, so I set my task to learn how to finally crochet, since soph has gotten it already I felt very much in the dark! Ive been trying to learn crochet for maybe two years on and off, since I got half decent at picking up new things with knitting I couldnt see why crochet would be so hard!

How wrong was I, after many failed attempts, and many replays of various you tube videos I was pretty much ready to give up forever and ever! The other afternoon I sat on the couch watching mum with her hook making my sister the berret that soph and I aspire to make ourselves! totall hook envy I had, that night I sat there and it just clicked....I can now offically crochet, and crochet really well! neat tidy, tensions spot on...Im half way through the making on my cushion! Ive made two granny squares in a solid pink, and am now doing the fancy embellishment squares in a pink and rainbow mohair twist....I must say Im rather proud of myself! on the list I thought Id attempt a simple beanie for my hubby, as its getting colder, his head is freezing! so Im going to make him a beanie in secret! then who knows Ill take on the crochet world!!!

hope your enjoying it as much as I am soph! makes a nice change from knitting i must say, and its so damn fast once you've got the hang of it! its raining here atm, so its perfect weather to sit on the couch with some wool and a hook and just create beauty!

i have a few knitting project to finish, then ill start making goodies for our little shop!
hurrah to knitting! and crochet and all things wool orientated! I am a yarn harlot in the making!

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