Friday, May 16, 2008

phonecalls from qld!

I have been meaning to post in here for a few days now, but get into bed at the end of the day and forget! Ive been knitting constantly for days, finished the newborn long pants for an order, they just need seaming up, worked out a pattern for sophs mittens, just buying the black wool tomorrow! did a tester run with some ugly wool today to make sure the pattern works lol will look good! Ive been knitting a few rows of my knitting needle handbag, slowly it will get finished and lined, the I have two more to make! one for a random act of kindness swap and one for the lovely soph.
Ive been racking my brain as to how to knit a little cushion cover using all different thicknesses of wool, Ive got a collection of random novelty yarns from my wool bag, colours work well for a little girls cushion, its just how to knit it up when some are really thin, and some arent how to over come that hurdle! then Ill have a cute pillow lol.

Im over half way through the book for the bookclub, reading between knitting rows of different things, its such a cute novel! filled with the most amusing little characters.

oh, such good news, I just got a phonecall from my doctor, and she has spoken to my cardiologist, and hes happy with the scans, and doesnt want to see me again! I can deliver in my home town no more trips to brissy! Although we will still move there once Lilly is born, just better jobs opportunities for hubby and stuff, but Im Stoked! I want to celebrate now! A cup of tea will fix that!

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