Saturday, June 14, 2008

dyepot delish

Well well, I am back with a vengence! Hubby bought me a cheap card reader and I can finally upload my silly pictures whenever the hell I want!!! so no more waiting for me to remember to take my camera to mums to do it!! so, the other day I experimented with Kettle Dyeing, a way of dyeing your wool on the stove top (no idea why the word kettle is in there lol) and after scavaging for a pot big enough for my wool that wasnt going to be used for everyday cooking, I finally took the plunge and did it, not holding my breath, no expectations I mixed up my dyes playing with how to make softer colours from the bold ones I normally do, and I think i got the green perfect! this is the sophie and courtney blend I had imagined in my head, and at first when

it came out I HATED it, put it on the line and went what the hell am i doing!!! this is hedious, wouldnt look at it, hubby came home and said 'wheres your wool?'

'on the line' I said sadly, 'its ugly dont look at it' he goes out the back and comes in looking confused, 'it will knit up good babe, Ill knit it if you dont want to' I got impatient and dried it off with a hairdryer, and fell in love, never judge a wool till its dried is my new motto. I offically adore kettle dying! fast too, easy to put a pot on the stove crash about with some colours and hope for the best! I also did a pink and orange blend for girls beanies, which im currently in the middle of winding into a ball so photos to come, and a dark purple with soft bluey changes which i love aswell!
On the note of knitting soph finally got her lovely mittens which I knitted with total love! I want a pair in lime green i think!

The other day the parcel lady arrived with a very unexpected parcel, I was over the moon, I dont get mail often so this was lovely surprise! Im apart of a forum called Woolaholics, and I participate in swaps alot with these women, its so lovely to knit something for someone else and in the mail comes something totally lovely and knitted with love. This swap was called the random act of kindness, basically within the next 6 months you'll get a parcel, which is unexpected and totally beautiful. My swap came and I must say its just lovely

inside it contained a beautiful knitted dress for Miss lily! which is one of my fave items of clothing for her! also two beautiful project pouches one small one large, both in these tai silk prints, one currently holds my current crochet project a newborn beanie...and 10 beaded stich markers. I totally love it all, I was very spoilt!
My hubby has learnt to knit, hes been going well on the scarves practising and getting faster, its cute to sit on the couch with him whilst he knits with me, out of the blue about 3 weeks ago he said to me, I want to knit lily something, I want to knit her a cardican, so I looked for a semi easy pattern that I could read and understand and help with when he got stuck, we settled for the Baby Yoda Sweater, today I showed him how to seam his work, and he took over and seamed up the cardi, all that needs doing is the i-cord for the tie at the front, and a little going over with an photos will be coming once i teach him icords hehe, but once he finished he announced tomorrow we are going to spotlight, ive never been there I want my own set of needles and some new wool Im going to knit her a dress! When a man says I want to go to spotlight for more wool it truly is a knitters turn on heheh so tomorrow we will make the trip to tamworth, long trip but will be an outing, Im going to buy a few block colours to knit lily a few things some white wool for dyeing and look at the sock yarn collection for my big major work, the wallhanging.
here is a little pic of my elijah, enjoying his bubbles, love the boy so much, hes just the apple of my eye!

Ill post tomorrow with my purchases from ye ole spotlight!
In knitting and love Courtney xx

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