Thursday, May 8, 2008

working through the painkillers!

So a few off days, with my crazy mental pain just taking over my entire existence! Ive been zombie like for days now, not doing much with myself but sleeping and sleeping and having no sleep at night! Ive been knitting as per usual just doing the finishing touches on a swap that is long overdue! and finishing a newborn order for a customer. Will upload pics when Ive finshed them off..

I need to work more on my moleskin, its crying out to be loved! so I shall do that this weekend, the whole double pointed needle situation is driving me up the wall! I cant seem to get my simple brain around the task of using them! but Im so limited with my knitting on just straight needles! so my goal is to master them!

so thats about it from me tonight cause ive got work to do lol, will do a better post tomorrow with some pics!


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