Monday, May 12, 2008

my little book

So I tottled off to the library with my little one and hubby in tow, just to take some books back and take eli to babies books and rhymes, which he enjoyed! found out his has a love of bubbles! hehe was adorable.

I picked up a few books to read as Ive decided I just dont read enough! on my little pile of books, I got a few Jane Austen Books, mainly because I finally got to watch the movie, the jane austen book club! and miss sophie is right!! it makes you want to just jump into her books and live the whole experience! I also picked up wuthering heights by emily bronte, and last of all this little quirky book that was hidden in the corner, I started reading it this afternoon...its ADORABLE!

So Sophie this is the first book of our bookclub, find a copy my dear, and read away!

Im about three chapters in, and its kitch as! so here is my book...hope you can find it! and enjoy it!

hope to talk to you soon lovely


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