Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday - The Filofax obsession!

You know how you get stuck in a looop...today I found myself stuck in one of those loops, the filofax loop...I dont even know how I got onto the crazy loop...but I lost quite a few hours today in it.
So today I am inspired by the filofax trend that is swooping through youtube and pintrest...and with my word for 2013 being organized I am now currently saving for my own leather filofax.

the above image is from the delightful blog lime tree

I've always kind of stayed away from filofaxes, because I am a left hander and ring binders really dont love us leftys, but I am warning to the idea of owning one, purely for helping me with my tasks, family, kids school, bills, blogging, and trying to grow my business as well as all my housewifery things lol. 
the above image is from an amazing tumblr site devoted to filofaxes
the lady also has an awesome youtube account which I did watch many vids off yesterday 
pop on over and check her out Alondra
people on youtube has decked them out with all the bells and whistles, and I can see my use the quirky stickers and post its I've got in my tubs in the studio, I have the thought of..do I want to commit to one planner for the next however many years, or do I want to try and customize a notebook like some people have done...filofax is winning hehe.
this image is from a lover of filofaxes Stevie.
 I am wanting a leather one, because if I want something to hold up to my pulling in and out of my bag, I want it to also feel lived in, and the one thing that gives that feel is leather.
but the geek likes the bright ones too
this image is from the adorable blog onlylady
this image is from Pixellated spiff
I love how people have personalized their own books and it really does reflect them as people, I look forward to that aspect a lot.

this little vid was cute, was one of the first I watched and also features the filofax I am saving for. Please enjoy Little Red Moose's video

this image is from a beautiful shop called pens and leather
so there I am....in a pretty little filofax loop...
enjoy getting lost in this papery artform
xx Courtney


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    1. I have updated the post with links to each image, and notified them of my doing so, I have asked each person if they have a problem with the image on the blog to please contact me, but I've made sure I've linked back to their image and also removed an image I could not find the owner for and replaced it with a shop image.
      I hope this have satisfied you.
      Regards Courtney

  2. Hey dear!

    One of those pictures is mine (second one). I don't mind, but I would like it if you could maybe link it back to either my Tumblr page or my Pinterest account. That is all I ask!

    Glad you caught the Filofax bug ;) Let us know what you decide one.

    Happy Tuesday!
    -Alondra Karwowski

  3. filofax craze is right ! I have been wanting to pull my old ones outta my storage bins hehe, i knew they would come in handy one day. can you say blog o fax lol thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Courtney. Being a lefty as you put it and the geek in you liking the brights, maybe pick up a second hand filo-fax cheap and add some rough and tumble covering to it. Making it your own and ready for the daily loving it will have to stand up to. I love the idea of being organised too, so I hope this works for you. ( Cute and whimsical seems more your style I think. ) Happy planning.

  5. Wow filofax people can be cranky.

  6. Ellie-Mae... "cranky" is a much nicer word than the one that came to MY mind...

  7. Hi Courtney!
    If you don't regularly keep an organizer, my honest recommendation would be to try out making your own before you commit to a Filofax. Moleskine planners are less of an investment and can be customized as well. I tried Moleskine's myself and then ended up creating my own so that I could have a format that worked out more to my needs. It's a little more time consuming while you figure out what works for you but after that it is a breeze and looks completely yours. There's an online community called Organizers (organizers.livejournal.com) where you can see hundreds of self-made organizers or customized Moleskines and even Filofaxes, although you do need a (free) account to see the entries. It's locked because planners tend to have personal information. If you have the time, I encourage you to browse through the community and see if it inspires you to create your own. I can't lie, I like the freedom of self-made but I'm all for pretty planners, no wonder what brand/type they are. Good luck!

  8. I love making my own planner! I've got a tutorial on my blog that does not include buying a filofax but doing it yourself all the way if you want to check it out. Thanks for some great links.

  9. Uh oh... Gonna be stuck in this loop for a while too lol

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  11. As a lefthander you can put the inserts in the other way around.. Or is that unpraktikal with the pockets?


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