Monday, October 20, 2008

a post from me

I didnt get a chance to update on the weekend, so while both
kids are asleep its time for a little update, nothing too spesh
but hey at least I'm updating!!
Last night after a heart to heart with my bestie Soph
I decided that the journal I bought for myself almost 4 years ago now
needed to be lived in, it was the journal that was meant to come after my
beautiful paris journal, alas something happened to me and I stopped,
or didnt get very far with any other journal sadly! even my moleskine wasn't
having the magical effect that it had for soph, so I got it off the shelf, and
it was actually covered in dust! poor little soul, once the kids were in bed
I decided it was time to dive in before I chickened out!

I did get a few pages done amazingly! collected some pictures from the magazines and the just for Sophie the pages I worked on

thats all so far, but I'm enjoying the moments I get to sit down and write or just glue pretties in, i cherish the me time basically. this is the start of a new me.

My little girl was 6weeks old last friday! the time has just flown by, its amazing, here are a few shots of her today

I now must get get onto knitting a few things as Im always behind!! thats all from me for now!
love and knitting
Courtney xx

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