Sunday, October 5, 2008

morning tea in the roses.

A Morning In The Roses

It must have been fate, I have hardly picked up my camera in the past year, never put it in my bag anymore, when once upon a time it used to be the very first thing I put in there even before my wallet! but today it was put in my lovely new green leather bag paul bought me (which I havent photographed yet) and off we went down to the markets.

Inverell markets are such a dismal affair, I forgot having not been to them in months how poorly they really are! as we were walking to go get a coffee mum drove past and said lets go for coffee. So we bundled both kids in the car, pram in the boot and off we went out of town to a little teahouse/gallery/antique place hidden way out of town. It was beautiful!

We all ordered cakes and scones, teas and coffees, while the lady who runs it, brought out old blocks for eli to play with on the ground. The teahouse was surrounded by beautiful roses, and jasmine, flowers of all kinds!

It was delightful and green.
I had every intention of taking photos of my scones and the strawberry swirl cake paul ordered by the time I remembered this is what was left... it was delish though! the jam was home made and just delightful!

The blocks kept eli amused for ages, along with plastic animals,
I even got onto the floor and played with him, he loves it when we build things!

Inside this little haven of delishiousness were little bits of everything really! Some adorable teacups, old perfume bottles, stunning cabinets, just really beautiful things!
Paul and I want to go there every weekend for a tea and cake, its just peaceful

On the way home, snapped a pic of my little cherub with her eyes open, as soph said she didnt see enough photos of lily with her eyes open!

A little update on the knitting side of my life, I just finished a pair of capris for lily and Im really happy how they turned out.

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