Saturday, November 1, 2008

little update


Ive been playing with my camera, capturing pictures of my kids, since I almost gave up on my stupid camera lol I love that I breed wide eye lovelies, their expressive eyes just melt you down to the bones, my darlings strip me down to my core, leaving me breathless and blessed all in the one moment.

At 3am this little bundle stares deep into my eyes, no one else awake but her and I, she stares right into my soul. Sometimes I think she knows me better than I know myself, and shes only 2 months old.

My little Elijah boo, a name I've called him since he was so tiny, and now he is becoming a little boy day by day, I watch him grow, explore and experience life in all its bright colours, textures sounds and words...he makes me laugh and cry all in the same day. My heart burst when I had him, like it couldn't contain all the love I had, and still to this day my heart bursts every morning when he runs into our room and jumps on our bed. I'd be lost without his deep brown beautiful eyes.

On my craft desk lately, Ive been making things for swaps, something I love to do..there is such beauty in the idea of swaps, to make something especially for someone else, putting love and time and just everything into an item is just lovely.

Here is a pattern book I made for a lovely lady in the magic ball of yarn swap. The idea of the swap is to use 1oograms of wool and to see how many things you can fit inside it by wrapping the items up, with your wool u send a pattern and the idea is for your swapper to knit that pattern discovering the presents as they get further and further into the pattern, is just adorable.
I hope she enjoys this kitch little pattern book

In another swap, this being the Twilight Swap Im in, I made these adorable 'Edward' stitch markers for her, his pale ivory skin and amber set eyes make these markers just a divine little something to go in my parcel. They will travel across the seas to America to an adorable twilight lover.

Tomorrow ill update my blog with pictures of my Halloween costume that the lovely Soph made for me! I forgot to take pics on the night cause it was crazy getting everyone ready! so Im dressing up again to get some lovely shots. the Choker she made for me, is my new fave item to wear its just delish.

Until tomorrow
In love and wool

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