Monday, November 10, 2008

new things for me to learn

I haven't updated in a bit so I thought its time! I had a big think about everything last night after talking to Soph with our deep and meaningfuls, Im going to dedicate myself more to the things that make me happy. If I keep myself busy with these little snippets of lovely I might lift myself out of this crap abyss, today I got my sewing machine out! something I've used maybe 5-6 times since I bought it over a year ago. I wanted to make a pincushion. So with a little help from hubby with measurements here is the fruits of my labour!

On the front of learning new things, I decided it was time I learnt to cable knit! I have been eyeing off a pattern in Knitty, called 'Fetching' a simple little fingerless glove pattern knitted on double whilst I knitted this pattern I was using 5, count them FIVE needles at one time! I am knitting guru hear my sticks click!

and something that has inspired me! I so to get into makeing these little beauties, crochet, buttons fabric wool you name it these brooches have it all! Ive been looking at brooch patterns all day, just little things for my mum to take the the markets with her when she sells her adorable cards.

thats all from me for now, it was only a small update! now I need to go thread my machine with green thread and start a green cushion! maybe this one wont be so hard hehe

enjoy your crafting!


  1. LOVE your pincushion!!
    I'm also making 'fetching' and have one glovey down, one to go. I couldn't for the life of me pick up the stitches for the thumb right, so I ended up binding them off and just leaving a thumbhole! I hope you get it to work!

  2. I couldnt do the thumb neatly either!! i have a small hole that just taunts me when I look at it


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