Thursday, January 1, 2009

52 in 52- A new years venture.

Book image from ShinyShiny
This was something I stumbled across this morning as I was trawling my online blog faves, I feel it something that I want to at least give a go,  so basically I need 4 books for the month of January, so far the list is as follows - January's List
  1. Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert ( I was ment to read this last year, got a chapter in and forgot about it! so this is the reason why she's first on my list
  2. The Magician Guild (set of three books I've had for 3 years now!) Trudi Canavan
  3. The Novice -Trudi Canavan
  4. The High Lord - Trudi Canavan

    February's List
  5. The Circle Within -Dianne Sylvan (Yes mandy Im going to read it, its on the list no choice now!)
  6. Oscar and Lucinda - Peter Carey apparently this is one of the books that changes your life, so I'll try it.
  7. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho (two people have recommended this book to me so its now on the list!)

  8. Thats all I have so far,  Ill repost the list when I have a few more added, but I think thats  enough reading for me! especially with my little business taking off, and two bubs to take care of! well one bub one toddler, makes me smile to reminds myself that eli isnt a baby anymore! Time flies when you're making lists!


  1. You so have to read The Magician Trilogy, they are great. And her prequel is due out in Feb so you really have to read them in Jan.
    And she is currently working on another one. I am hanging out for the prequel and she won't let me have her own copy :( LOL

  2. you better bloody read that dianne sylvan book. i'll throw spirit stones at you otherwise.


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