Saturday, January 3, 2009

saturday food shopping

Yawns* feels like I've been awake for hours and hours, oh wait I HAVE! Lily decided that 5am was a great time to be awake, kissed hubby goodbye, fed missy wakealot and attempted to put her back to bed so I could get another hour in before eli deicdes 6:30 is fun! well both my children had other plans! So here I sit, waiting to go food shopping *insert roll of eyes here* in walking zombie mode! 

I took a few photos this morning inbetween ranting kids, upset babies and vegimite on toast.
The latest colourway to hit my store tonight will be 'Trippin Wood Nymph' a lush lime colourway with bursts of foresty floor colour, I wasnt sure of it to begin with, but its slowly growing on me.

oh gotta go fill my cupboard with loveliness...

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