Monday, January 19, 2009

Do I give Ewe the knits?

yes thats right, I have mail coming, not just any mail FIBER MAIL! my first ever club, Im so hyped up you would think Im on yarn drugs! no this is not all mine! but hell I'd like it to be!

mandy has some beautiful colourways in all different lush yarns and fibers, I didnt know about her till a yarnie bragged about getting some ofher hand dyed merino, and yes brag alot! cause you have to be a stalker of her shop at weird hours to get some of her beautiful work, but its worth the hours of waiting and copious amounts of tea! My mum snagged me a spot on her imfamous fibre club! three months of surprise packages! who wouldnt lust after that. Im so excited, I am now on postie watch!
some of her work

check her out! the banner up the top is a direct link to her store! get a little addicted, then you'll be stalking her shop at silly hours of the night!

Another girl I stumbled across in my trawl for new and lovely blogs tonight, was this cute little crafter,  
incy wincy stitches her adorable little buttons remind me so much of the ones I'm attempting to make for myself! she has great little free patterns! people like this just makes me want to run away with a crafters box my knitting bag and my little notebook and just sell my wares to make a little money to live on. I want to be a runnaway craftster.

its totally like my bee for soph, except shes got the knack for it, and I am yet to get just that good! lol
thats all I have time for! since today we started potty training, oh the joys of motherhood!  *cough* not hehe
enjoy the crafty goddesses in this post, I'll be searching for more finds later!

Love and Yarn
Courtney xx


  1. thanks for the lovely comments about my notebook courtney :) i'm so chuffed they inspired you, can't wait to see some of your pages...


  2. Hi, Thanks for linking me Courtney ;)

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog, I really appreciate it Courtney :)
    Start stalking the Postie.....he's headed your way!


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