Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lazy Saturday Morning

Its just one of those mornings, when you want it to stay still and quiet, tucked up in bed with just you, your lover and the rays of sunlight that have played peekaboo with the blinds. I didnt want to move from this little haven, I wanted to let the day slip through the blinds till it was covered with stars and the shine of the moon...but it was food shopping day.

I've been playing around with embroidery lately, just having a tinker here and there, I wanted to make something for soph, since she goes to alot of trouble making things for me, so I made a little bumble bee brooch, I just need to back it with felt, and sew a back on, but then again I think I might have another little play and add a few things onto it...not sure just yet, I wasnt going to give it to her, but shes adament that I do.

I was gifted on teh weekend with a lovely thankyou present, my old family friend Sonya takes little holidays with her hubby, and Paul and I feed her animals for her, its not a hassle, since Eli gets to run around her huge backyard playing with the dogs, so its a nice outing for us. She bought this as a thankyou, its the cutest shape, so bright and is going to look adorable in my new house!

I have been knitting away as you all know from previous posts, this is the little progress I got done overnight from the picture you saw the other day, see now it looks like something!! I'm really loving how its knitting up!

yesterday the mailman was kind, and brought a beautiful package all the way from Mildura from my bestfriend and talented little crafter Sophie, you can find her amazing little brooches and mixed media artworks down this garden path 
she asked me to show them off with pride, and who wouldnt they are just delightful, everyone should get themselves at least 2, they acompany any outfit. I've worn both of mine, in the last two days, one out to dinner, and my spinners one to the shops! I also bought one from my other girlfriend Mandy, but she cant see that one, cause its all wrapped up ready for her to open

Like I've mentioned in previous posts embrace the silly! and so my family have, I'm making time for the Silly, even if its just crazy snapshots on the couch one hot afternoon.

we are teaching eli to poke his tounge out! I was impressed I was able to capture this one! Hurrah to fast shutter speeds!

on the other spectrum of photos, I took this one by accident, and its one of my favourite shots of the morning, I'm really happy I've started taking more shots of Paul and I, it seemed like I didnt take any of us for a very long time, so I'm making up for lost lost lost time.

enjoy the sunlight, the tea and my blog.

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  1. Oh so very beautiful! So glad you've given your brooches outings already! How fabulous! I just love that photo of you and Paul, it's very special! And... I totally love my bee! Can't believe you were going to keep it from me! It is adorable!
    love me XXX


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