Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Green Skirts and Shiny Shoes!

The day has just begun and already Im making it brighter with bright green skirts and shiny new shoes! 
I thought it was high time I treated myself to some cuteness, and with my current overhaul of myself, I was happy with my little purchases. Im in the process of looking for patterns for Soph, so she can make me some yummy arty skirts, with little artworks down the bottom, and some dresses for me to just wear a little cardi and some flats with, Im chopping my hair, and dyeing it fire engine red, I've come to the conclusion that if Im really happy, then my weightloss should be the next step, I've been trying to go about it the wrong way I think, lose the weight then worry about your looks, well no thankyou! I want to feel sexy and beautiful and truly happy, then the weight should just slip off, I think trying to lose weight while you are sad and depressed is an uphill battle that will break you in the end! So hopefully after my trip into town, I shall have some things to send to Soph, I know she will make me some amazing things, Im literally hanging for paul to get home so I can go down to the fabric store!

My delightful mum has been so supportive of my business the past few weeks as I've been getting on my feet, and she has made me some truly stunning things to help me on my way. I am now seriously dyeing wool for my career, yep some may say I'm crazy, but I really LOVE it to bits! I am so happy creating this yummy waterfall of colours on yarn, so Im doing it all the way. I am now recording all my dye batches, so that I can repeat it as close as I can for people that want more than 100grams of the one colour. I needed a dye book, and mum answered with this beautiful book handmade especially for myself, and my business.
It is all alphabetical, and all in my favourite colours, my business is green galore, and why wouldnt you drap everything in such a lush colour! I now have two green books, a green pen, my logo is green, and I wear at least one item of green a day even if it is only my eyeshadow

The other beautiful book she whipped up yesterday while I was up there, was my order book! So I can keep track of customs, sizing pricing for each one of my customer, it was just a $2 exercise book from crazy clarks, and now look at it! 
I'm not waiting patiently for hubby to get home so we can pack Lily burger into the pram and explore the town, I have a feeling hes taking me out to lunch, which will be lovely. I got my most cherished teacup and saucer back off mum today, its been in her china cabnet for a few years! I'd almost fogot I owned it, its very simple, and its not a one off, but it just makes me smile, red and pink roses, who couldnt love that. The berret in this shot is hand made by me, and will be photographed later on my maniquin head for the store.

enjoy the delights of what today will bring! and if I find any treasures today I'll be sure to photogrpah them tonight for an added post! 
love and light, tea and yarn
Courtney xx

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  1. And Alice said to the Mad Hatter, ‘I do like your green hat Sir, can you pass the tea?’
    The Mad Hatter replied, ‘Young Alice it appears you adore green very much, what a beautiful collection you have here.’
    It was the wise old owl in the tree above, that simply smiled and said, ‘You are learning Alice, how to once again explore beauty in the world.’


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