Monday, January 12, 2009

It was lovely to watch him, lying in silence in red lace and cherry gloss

    I dream with ocean eyes and orange buttons

A few days go by so fast, I've been so busy knitting for orders and presents that I've not had a moment to post, doing everything while Paul's at work with whirl wind elijah is hard work, I bow down to single mums around the world. By the end of the day, Im so sleepy! so in between elijah teething and cleaning I took a few photos, it seems that every post will have a photo of Elijah and I, since hes a tad obsessed with being in the shot! But Im ok with having little portraits with eli, they make me smile!

I didnt have a chance to blog about my new knitting bag, but my sister gave me this cute little tote for all my knitting needs! the hot pink button and stitching is adorable, at the moment its filled with all kinds of cotton!! So I now have a few choices when it comes to knitting bags, but a girl can never have too many bags.

Another present I got for xmas this year, was a copy of 'The Artful Blogger' 
this adorable magazine, is filled from front to back with beautiful craft blogs, its so bright and yummy and with a cup of tea and both kids in bed,  I dove into it, (the reason Im only talking about it now, is the copy paul got just before Christmas was two years old! he complained and they sent me the most recent edition! so goodness x's 2!

Some of my favourites so far, is this adorable journal called Tender Letters
her photography is so delightful to look at, all the sorts of feelings and textures I wish my own work would convey, take a look at her little corner of livejournal, you will sink into the lovely just as I did for hours this afternoon.

In my next post, I will feature another blog, I've decided it was time to start featuring the crafters, artists and photographers, its hard to get a name for yourself, and if I can help someone in some way shape of form, then Im happy. 
My self portrait for the day, a few of the girls in my knitting circle are doing 365, which is a self portrait a day, so here is mine for  the day, wearing a cute clip that my sister bought me, huge pink button!
ps... yes Ive got a good set of boobs, stop looking at the road to them!

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