Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Creative Space

This is my first time posting 'My Creative Space' post, and although right now I'm in the middle of moving! so I have a  few years of creative space between the pages for 7 years worth of journals, thats right! 7 years of creative space! I used to live in these books, everything went into them, ideas, photos, thoughts, poetry it was me, in notebook form. I have started this years journal already, and its coming along slower than the others, because Im now a mum to two little ones, and a small business runner, along with my long long list of hobbies lol, but here it is.
my creative space.
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Enjoy the spaces.


  1. Sensational photo! I can only imagine the wonderful life contained within those pages.

  2. That is so cool that you still have them after all this time. I can't believe that I destroyed all of my teenage journals. I so wish I could read them again.

  3. Between these pages are the beautiful and prolific words of the most talented writer I know... She breathes life into every ink stained moment. Her heart beats in time with the words that flow from deep within her soul. She is a poetic explorer..

  4. great journals, are you going to give us a peek of some pages?

    i totally forgot about posting for my creative space this week!


  5. Those are beautiful, very interesting just to look at. I can't imagine the treasures that are on the inside!!!


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