Sunday, January 4, 2009

what will 2009 bring...

The year has kicked off with a bang, with orders up to my eyes, not only for my new style of dyeing, but mums putting in winter orders for knitted items, some can't knit for themselves so they  have approached me to knit for them, it's a good feeling to be asked. Ive been keeping up with my first book for this week, which is 'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert and might I say it is a delightful read, highly recomend it.
And yes, there is a little bit of eli pen scribble on my book cover, that was his rendition of the love, in eat pray love hehe, little bumhead!

This year will bring new projects, new inspirations and lots of knitting, below is a button that I paid a small fortune for by accident, so it will be featured on a new winter knit for myself, it cost me too much to put on something for the store lol, I have some yummy plans for this button, stay tuned this winter to see where it pops up.
New homes for things is anotherthing happening this year, I've been collecting glass jars all over the place for my craft odds and ends, also needing glass jars for my left over dye colours. This lovely little jar is now on my bookshelf awaiting to be opened and searched through.
Watching Lily come to life as she gets older day by day, shes laughing, gurgling kicking her legs and being such a delight when shes awak. My little goddess is a breeze to take care of, nothing bothers her, nothing makes her sad, shes just a ball of utter pure joy and I love every inch of her.

Having my darling hubby home on his days off, Ive found a new love emerging from him working, not living in eachother back pockets has been bliss, it gives me time to miss him, to appreciate him and to just generally love him, we dont fight, we just grasp every spare moment we have together.

Another resolution I made for myself is to take more pictures, I used to take photos everyday all day, capturing so many moments, last year I lost that quite a bit, so Im making up for alot of lost time. You'll watch my blog grow with colour and images, moments and just good fun, Im a changed woman, and although I dont have the time to explain the shift in my personality, its there, its here to stay. Only myself and my best friend know where I am at, at the moment and time, and I think we can keep a pretty good secret.

Love & Light Courtney

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