Wednesday, January 14, 2009

working slowly on my journal

I've been working on my orders for people, knitting away, my afternoons, my evenings and well into the night, its not often lately that I dont have a pair of needles in my hand! but I like it this way, Im also currently writing up a beginners how to knit manual with photos and youtube links to help my lovely girlfriend Mandy to knit! She has always wanted to learn, and if I had know this earlier! she would already be addicted and knitting all types of yummy things! Sophie taught me, now its my turn to pass it on. I'm so excited to teach her, even if Im in another state, Im not letting that stop me! Knitting, and teaching myself to do new techniques pulled me out of a deep dark hole and although Im still rather low, Im no where near what I used to be, and I think my craft and my passion for something has helped me more than I could express...I want this for Mandy, as I see her slipping through my fingers and I want to grab on tight.

Today was a day with nice light and family snapshots while I had lily up and Elijah was in bed, mr I need to be in front of the camera at all times! it was nice to just snap a few pictures with lily paul and I, they are some of my ultimate faves. Miss lily is developing such a little personality, shes also just learnt to roll! this morning paul came out to me 'darling did you put lily on her back for bed (shes a tummy sleeper) gosh no, why would I do that she wont sleep...well shes on her back now lol. She has my shape, but pauls colour eyes, perfect match I think, but then again, I'm so biased!

one of my faves of the three of us, its so hard taking a nice shot with a little one! she cried for several lol, then two seconds later, she was laughing shes a gemini at heart I think!

 I took some random shots of paul and I, here is one of my faves, I told him its time we be more silly in life, because its the silly that gets you through the days! 

I havent shown my pandora much on this blog if at all, but the other day paul suprised me with my newest charm to symbolize our new begginings that we are headed for in a few short weeks, the tree of life, I think its my fave charm at the moment, it holds so much meaning, and its just delightful.

Although my blog is going great guns, my paper journal is lacking the love, so yesterday I sat down with all my cut outs and odds and ends, and started to rebuild myself and my paper journal, I've posted about this little brown leather book before

nothing better than creative mess, except for the fact that my desk is really small, and I have a computer on it aswell lol, so its like cram a mountain on a dinner plate sort of deal.

this wont be happening soon, as we are moving house in three short weeks! we put an application in for a new rental, a lovely country 4 bedroom place, timber floors, beautiful rose bushes, sun room, fireplace and veggie patch, Im so so excited to be moving, its a huge house, and we will have our own room again! no babies in there!, I also have a yummy craft room! and its green! I will have pics soon to show off the lovelyness of it all!
thats all from me for today, enough photos for you and enough words.
Enjoy your afternoon my dears 


  1. What a beautiful post and divine family photos! It has made my day. I just adore seeing your world, your wool and journal, it is within these little moments I truly see you, a beautiful diamond sparkling in the sunlight.

    'Shine on you crazy diamond'....

  2. i'm excited about learning how to knit.

    i'm scared about not having the time for myself anymore.

    i want to photograph your daughter.



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