Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a little bit of healing for the soul

Wowwweee its been a fantastic 5 days! I am finally home from my mini holiday to brisbane with my hubby, this was a treat for us, and a birthday gift from him, and I couldnt have asked for anything better! After two busses and two trains paul and I finally got to brissy to hang out with Mandy and her man! we exchanged gifts, which I will photograph tomorrow as I have a small pile of goodies to share!! but first, was the one thing Id been waiting to since we booked the trip, was visit the new and beautiful Tangled Yarns! OMGOSH!! women of brisbane get your yarny bums into that shop, its just a breath of fresh air truly! I spent a small fortune in there, but it was my birthday present and hubby said buy what you want! and sooo I did!
I came home with this beautiful designer knitters bag, I've lusted after something stunning like this for a very long time, and when I saw them on the shelves I had to have one! the only thing was what shade of green did I want!!! I also bought myself a matching case for my dpns/crochet hooks! I will be ordering the rest of the matching stuff lol, I cant not have the entire set!!! it's just too beautiful! All photos in this post are work of the talented Mandy! ( I was way to excited to get my camera out but she was all over it lol) just take a moment to stare lovingly at my bag!
One of my main goals while I was in brissy was to teach mandy to knit, and shes a natural! I was quietly impressed with her, shes picked it up really fast, she just needs practise, as a gift for my new knitter girl, I bought us both a yummy pair of 4mm harmony needles, because no one should ever learn on crap wool, or crap needles! its all about the experience!
Her custom blend I dyed up two days before hopping on the bus, its something she just loves! Im glad she loves it, when shes happy with her knitting she will knit up this yarn into something beautiful Im sure!
My mandy moo is a very talented photographer, whether she knows it or not is unknown, but I know shes fantastic, and as a small gift to me, she did a photoshoot for me and a couple shoot for paul and I. Here is one of my fave promotional shots, there are several I could sit here for hours just uploading her work, but its really late, so I shall add more tomorrow!
my tags for my work! stained dye fingers and all! I loved these shots, I've always love close ups like that! and now I have my very own. For my birthday mandy is getting my business cards printed! Im super excited as its something I've wanted for a while now but never had the spare cash! so Im touched that she thought of me in such a way to do that for me!
the lovely mandy and I, photo care of hubby! we took some silly ones but this one I love, it will be in my craft room with several of her shots.

The couple shoot was amazing 600shots worth and 98% of them I love! she captured the soft the silly the love between paul and I! We havent got many couple shots and now we have so many we are stoked! here are just a couple of my faves.

its really late, so its time to go to bed! but I shall post all of my goodies tomorrow!
missed my little blog! 
tea and yarn
Courtney xx


  1. Love the bag-and agree about working with good needles and yarn.It is so worth spending a little more to have a good finished product,it also makes the creative process less frustrating.

  2. Wow Courtney! So much love in one post... couple love, frined love but most of all knitting bag love! ...and the needle case is so cute too. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend, Happy Birthday too :) Can't wait to see all the yummy yarn you picked up...


  3. Hey Honey, looks like you had an amazing time! How fabulous, that bag is so amazing, it was just calling your name. Beautiful shots I love them all! My laptop has gone to laptop heaven so while I'm waiting on a new one I have no msn (the old PC can't handle it). Sooooo we need to find somewhere else to chat, any ideas? Let me know, I'm so excited about your birthday, getting a lovely package ready to send! Wooo I love birthdays. Talk really soon.
    Much love Soph xxxxx

  4. OMG those pics of you are stunning -you have the most beautiful eyes :)

    love the ones with hubby too very sweet and very cheeky :)

    i totally agree with the use nice needles and nice yarn - my other rule for newbies is - don't make a garter stich scarf - it's a waste of nice yarn , nice needles and your time be advernturous :)

  5. awwww. The photos of friends and loved ones are so nice.
    YOU are beautiful my friend!
    Oh and extending be-lated Happy Birthday wishes to you, too.
    I look forward to popping back over and viewing more pics.
    I finally finished and uploaded my very first crochet tutorial.
    You will nip over and take a peek at it won't you?
    Please leave comments, I am just learning how to do this, so feedback is important.
    Cheers, ta~
    Bairbre Aine

  6. Wonderful photography indeed!!! I love the pics of you, both with Paul and with Mandy :D

    Beautiful dyed yarn too. :)

  7. the photos of you and your DH are gorgeous! you like a wonderful couple, and how impressive he is buying your own namaste..the olive green is just gorgeous and I think it suits you perfectly!

    I love those harmony straights and the wool, I agree one should not start on crap to get inspired (but conversely she then she wont know lucky she is :))


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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