Sunday, May 24, 2009

little lovelies, and some squishy yarn

After much chatting and laughing on the phone, I was reminded how my blog was missed, so I got my battery charged and started photographing the beautifuls from my week. Alot has happened the past few days for the better, and Im excited that the tension in my shoulders has finally eased a little. 
I was so lucky to win a blog give away on Little Lovlies nook, and it arrived safely in my mail box a couple of days ago, with some adorable fabric buttons!!
she now lives in my vintage tea cup on my craft desk, and looks most cute there.

I did a blog post about The Yarn Cafe not too long ago, the lovely Elissa and I are doing a swap between us two dyers, its nice to get some coloured yarn in the mail, you get so much natural its a nice change. In the post last week was 200grams of this beautiful colourway, 'Twilight' which is utterly lovely and is waiting to be turned into something really pretty, just not sure what yet! I keep looking for patterns but nothings jumped out at me yet.  I need to send hers off soon, its just been so crazy around my house I barely have time to write blog posts!
on my list of swaps and things, I worked on this little number for a close girlfriend's new little girl. I hope she likes it, Im rather taken with it once it was finished. the cherry blossoms make me smile, I made matching handwarmers and a facewasher to go with the parcel. I hope it arrives and is adored.
The blankie will RETURN! Ive decided to knit a square a night no matter what, they take me 30 mins so thats nothing in the scheme of things.
keep your eyes peeled!

I now have a little girl screaming at me! so I'd best go entertain her and get the last of my house tidy for my parents, they are coming over for chinese tonight.

Tea and Yarn
Courtney xx


  1. And looking forward to it too love.
    Love Mum
    Nice to see you blogging again love.

  2. Oh that soaker is a gorgeous colour - love the embroidery too!

  3. who ever you were talking to on the phone - please thank them. I miss your blog terribly when you neglect it ;)

    looks like you had a beautiful week Courts, it's good to see.


  4. Your little egglet looks very happy in her new home! I'm glad she arrived safe and sound! Good luck with your squares....

    p.s. I am hosting another giveaway for a beautiful handmade ceramic item donated by 'love grows by giving' - you can enter here.

    x nadine
    little lovelies

  5. OMG I want that twilight!!
    Link me ???

  6. tat twilight yarn looks gorgeous! and i love that your mum left you a comment.. thats so sweet :) i wish my family read my blog! have a lovely time tonight and keep going with the blanket...can't wait to see more progress!
    linda :) x

  7. Looks like a lovely swap and what a cute gift to recieve.

    Love the longies - I hope that they are addored at there new home.


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