Sunday, May 17, 2009

lookin in the garage for sales in inside my bag!

A lovely sunday evening, I should be by the fire, but I am here at my little computer updating my poor neglected blog! I was ment to put my name down for creative space, and do an inside my handbag post as the lovely Sophie did, but I had a sick little boy attached to me like a magnet, so Im posting up my bag and a few lovelys I've been given lately.

My current handbag was given to me a few years ago, by miss sophie herself, she bought this beautiful velvet embroidered bag from paris and gifted it to me when she came back to england. It is by far one of my favourite bags I have ever owned. It is one of those bags, that has a soul.
Inside is a mixture of my life as an artists, my life as a mum and my life as a knitter.
A pair of fingerless gloves for my little elijah, a family friend bought them for his hands, mummy doesnt have much spare time on her hands lol so I was greatful someone remembered my children need woolies too! even though Im a knitter, I spend far too much time knitting for others, my little ones get the short end of the stick! oh and my Brown Owls keyring on my house keys!

inside my handbag, no matter the bag, is my notions clutch, filled with evreything I  need to finish projects on the go - knitting needles, needle case for my pins and yarn needle, crochet hooks, scissors pens, stitch markers you name it, its probably in there in a nook
a collection of notebooks, I have been a notebook hoarder my entire life, and even at the age of 25 I seem to collect more in my bag as I get older. My to do list, a cute notebook that I keep colourways in when I go out, underneath all of them is my current knitting book Im reading - Yarn Harlot.
My leather journal, although it seems to get put to the back of my mind, I still carry it around so the leather gets a lived in feeling. I must wrote more in it! I seem to write my life on this blog instead of the pages of my journal...note to self - write in your paper journal.
My DPN case, for all my shorter more precious needles this is a matching acessorie to my green knitters bag, but it comes along for the ride every bag change, the just in case needles!
and of course, my current project gets packed into a project bag and squished into my handbag! you never know when you'll have a moment to knit! all small moments = a finished object.

Now onto the lovelies I have been given in the last few days! Today at the markets, I was gifted with this beautiful Vietnam lotus flower teaset. with a teapot and 6 beautiful cups and saucers, I squeeled in delight when I  opened the box. My lovely friend who gifted me with the beautiful pink and copper teacups for my birthday won me over yet again with this! found in the corner of a garage sale, the entire china set was sold for a mere $10! It is now being used every morning for my husbands and my breakfast tea. It is utterly stunning! every cup and teapot has a lotus flower in a darker colour. 

My mum gifted this to me last weekend, I had eyed it off several times during the day, but had no money to purchase the beautiful box myself, my mum went of silently for a walk and came back with it in her market bag. It was a mothers day present...for her daughter. It sits on my bed side table so I can see it everyday. Its enchanted with little red riding hood!
the inside of the box.
a little yarny goodness, I am in a swap group on Ravelry, and I was gifted these beautiful Malabrigo lace skeins! two shades of green, so soft to the touch, these will be made into an Ishbel Scarf for myself. I havent knitted for me in a very long time! which reminds me, its time I knitted a few squares for my blanket! 
enjoy your sunday night, keep warm and smile.
Tea and Yarn 
Courtney xx


  1. I love going through old stuff and finding old treasures!

  2. that is a gorgeous teaset :D the colour is so pretty.

  3. That box is amazing! I love Little Red Riding Hood. Enchanting! X

  4. Looks like you had a beautiful week despite E being sick - you have inspired me i am going to do an inside my handbag entry this week

  5. great to have a nosey in your bag and the bag itself is beautiful. love the market treasures too, aren't mums wonderful!

  6. oooh there's some lovely stuff made in Vietnam....

  7. Oh my but that handbag is to die for! Love it, love it! What a fantastic gift...and love all your little pouches and bags for knitting...ahhhhh...I need to have one at the ready to scout thru my pouches/bags :-)
    (nonaofsav on Ravelry)


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