Monday, June 8, 2009

home again with inky fingers.

After a lovely trip away with my mum, I feel so refreshed, there was some much needed inner healing done by me in the past 4 days and I enjoyed every minute selfishly. I packed my little wooden artists box up and a few other odds and ends and I was away! This little trip was a craft weekend, where a whole bunch of talented ladies got together for several days and just crafted day and night. I took along a few things to keep my fingers and my mind very busy.
I spent my time making two journals from scratch, Grimoires to be exact for miss mandy and myself, these journals were made from scratch I self bound and created my little soul out on those few days to create something personal magickal and utterly beautiful. Some of the delights in these journals are the bookmarks, inked and hand coloured by myself. They are shipping tags when they first put in front of me, and now they are really cute bookmarks for our journals.
One thing I loved about our journals, is the deviders and the hidden pockets for spells and prayers mediations or just page numbers from the books we are reading, I created these journals purely from the scraps I had lying around, nothing was new when I picked them up all were pre loved, or in the scrap container, I wanted to push  myself this weekend to rediscover why I loved collage work and hand colouring so much. It used to be my everything, I was an altered artist once, never leaving anything untouched, I lost that for a while, but I think this weekend had awakened something in me I actually thought was dead.
just a little hand colouring before I skip off to my writing night with the mandy, we have decided to keep eachother motivated in both writing, and our magickal side, both sides of ourselves needed attention and care, this was my gift to her as she has never given up on my pagan self...even when I was so lost, she kept my witchy flame alight, and this is just a small gift for her and for I...Green Moon Blessed Be
enjoy your nights, Im off to write up a storm and pack some orders!
drink tea, knit happily and never give up on the things that make your heart go boom
xx Courtney


  1. oh my goddess is it wrong of me to request you make me one of those beautiful bookmarks, STAT?! Those are SO PRETTY and so much better than anything I could conjure up.

    Also? I'm jealous of your craftygirl getaway! I need one of those!

  2. So beautiful Courts.

    Glad your time away was refreshing :)

  3. Sounds like such a lush weekend away and look at all the gorgeous-ness that has come out of it. Welcome back inky fingers!!


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