Sunday, June 21, 2009

knitting in my inbetween moments

after a little break to get a cold and get over it again Im finally feeling a little more like myself! My mailbox has been treated ever so lovingly these past weeks, so a post purely devoted to parcels of love from close and afar.

First up is a belated birthday present from the adorable Kata from Odd-ish Creations, this girl holds the key to my heart, with tea and knitting and being addicted to stationary and a yarn dyer! shes like a version of myself except on the other side of the world!
In the mail came delights such as, teas stitchmakers, stamps, yarn, knitpicks! and a project bag! this had it all! I Just adored every moment of the present.

The beautiful hand dyed yarn is already on the needles! with my first ever lace project, Im knitting myself a small shawl to use as a scarf, the pattern is the ADORABLE ysolda's Ishbel this pattern is taking the knitting world by storm!

a parcel that came on friday for me was a much awaited 400gram dye up by my good friend Lisa, from Not Your Nanna's Knits, a dyer and delishious spinner from oz who has fast become a lovely friend to call on in a time of need. We are going to embark on a knit-a-long together with our 400grams! making a Clapotis another cult knitters pattern! I need to dye her 400grams so we can start!

A magic jar swap came to my door filled with fabrics, buttons and of course YARN! below is my two skeins of yarn that are from the dyepot, vampires blood and enchanted wood, also in the photo is a beautiful gradient dye from the Jolly Jumbuck club, this was a gift from two anonymous ladies, but gosh its beautiful!
in other news, Im journalling again, as some may know I've kept a journal since I was 10ish I have a shelf of completed journals in my bedroom, I suddenly stopped just before having kids, and always missed it, I've tried several times to keep once since then, but failed ALOT lol, so I made my own, and will build it page by page, instead of having a million blank pages to taunt me, I will fill it at my pace. the beautiful teacup in this pic is also from Lisa, she told me it had a twin, and that she kept it so we could have tea telapathically since we leave that bit to far apart to have tea together in real time.

I am now of to wind all the winter club and year of colour wool up ready for dyeing! hopefully have it ready to be packed by next week an into the post!
I will post teaser photos up very soon...

tea and yarn
Courtney xx


  1. ah - i breath slower, think more and linger on things longer after i read your blog......

    Peace Lisa

  2. I agree with Lisa... your blog is beautamous.

    That journal is gorgeous! I'm so glad you love your package!

  3. It's so good to see you post again my love. Beautiful post as always.


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