Wednesday, July 1, 2009

blank paper + knitting

a few little days, in a beach town in nsw's is where you would find me at the moment, doing a little bit of care taking of my dear nanna. I can't say thats its been hard work when you step out on the the back porch to see a stunning view, and the house is full of little trinkets from far off lands. Pots full of white stones and shells, its been lovely exploring!

Ive spent the time when Im not doing something for nan, knitting orders for my little store, I have two customs then I am done knitting for others for a little bit, my kids and myself need some handmade love! this little pink number is turning into a little girls dress.
the ball is getting smaller as the needles click click away, it will soon be time to start the next ball of yarn! the dress that never ends I keep muttering to myself.
I have done a little shopping while out in the little beach town, my black and white purchases I will photograph tomorrow, for now, here are the little things to brighten my world, two boxes of yummy pencils, and a new sketchbook. Im hoping these buys with re-ignite my little artist.

and so far...the paper is still blank, I guess I will sit and wait for the muse's to give me a little tap on m shoulder, for now Ill keep trying.
Tomorrow we are off back home, which is exciting because we are making a stop at Grafton...and this little tidbit is joyous because I finally get to meet a dear friend of mine lisa, we are both hopelessly excited like little school girls!

for now I shall curl up on the couch and knit the night away
Tea and Yarn
Courtney xx

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