Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creative Space Thursday

A Thursday creeps up between the sheets and kisses your cheeks awake. and sometimes when I have myself together, I do a creative space post. Today is one of those days, more like a yay MAIL day! I had ordered a few things online from America a few weeks ago, with a little of my tax return.
A paper girl, with love on her wrist in ink and a pen in her hair had a very happy day.

A paperline I couldnt go past, from 7Gypsies, with old writing, birds, sketches - it is devine.little adorable stamps I found in the bargain section, to make some little quirky backgrounds in my art journal. Prima make these sweet range.

when I was a little girl, I adored Stencils! I would spend a long time drawing around and around and around all the ones mum had in our little craft box, but you know what? They are very hard to find nowdays! Crafters Workshop have a sweet little line of stencils I cant wait to attack them with some paint and a sponge!A beautiful stamp set, dedicated to postcards, keys and locks, what vintage girl couldnt swoon over them!

more stunning paper, Im very into colour at the moment, I think my quilt fabric is seeping into my paper choices too! bright and beautiful colour. a thick vintage bingo card journal! no plans for this yet, but only time will tell what my brain will come up with to turn it into.

After speaking to a friend about my trip to paris, my heart ached a little for the city I didnt get nearly long enough on.
My heart Belongs in....

so much mess and creativity will explode from me in the coming days, so please stop by one afternoon, make sure to bring a cup of tea when you visit. I'll supply the conversation.

for more creative spaces pop on over to Kristy's Blog shes got a real following now!

Love and inky tattoo's

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