Friday, September 24, 2010

she danced in the sunlight

I wrote love on my arms, and sat in the Sunlight, it has been days, maybe even weeks since my olive skin has basked in the sun, but today was beautiful. My camera in my hands, sunlight in my hair and an old fairytale book in my lap.

once upon a time, I used to write alot...pages and pages of inky words, as time has passed my words have become fewer and fewer. But lately, things are different.
I felt like a little girl today, daydreaming sweet and innocent things, playing with the sunlight, smiling to myself over past events.

today was a good day to be outside.
xx Courtney


  1. It is a beautiful day today xxx

  2. Not so beautiful here as Autumn has arrived and winter is quickly on her tail. Today is windy, wet and cold.

    Love todays blog post and photos.


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