Monday, September 27, 2010

a sunday stroll through the journal

Sitting quietly at my desk with a pen in my had, glue by my side and writer's block! artist block. Thats right today was what the hell am I going to do now day. Ive had many journals in my life, all types textures, shapes and now I'm at some sort of bridge where, no journal fits my soul... I am trying very hard to 'keep trucking' with the current Junk journal I made, but it seems to not have that home feeling I seek so desperately.

Having said that, I'm going to keep going page by page till I build my home again within its pages. So today I worked bit by bit....

magazines, some of my drawings, old bingo card, random bits and bobs basically, if I could reach it, it went into the journal.
a little ink, a little watercolour, a clear overlay with french writing, and darkroom door alphabet stamps, I like this page alot...I seem to be searching my soul alot lately.

enjoy your evening, if you are a journal writer...get it out and write something down.
xx C

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  1. Oh I am loving your journal, it is looking so beautiful! S x


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