Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 whispers...

As my days are slipping into eachother not knowing whats what at the moment, I turn to my journal to keep me sane, not so long ago this journal ment nothing to me, it was just another attempt to keep a journal, but in a short space of time, it has become everything.
In my quiet moments, I sit down to needle and thread, and work on my handstiched journal cover.

enjoy your sunday
x C


  1. Your art is beautiful and I am glad it brings you comfort. xx

  2. I find Sundays difficult days - supposedly a day of rest but I find myself restless....hope your journal is your anchor to find your heart's desire.....

  3. so glad you are finding comfort in the little moments


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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