Monday, October 11, 2010

Legs Eleven !

With these overcast days, there isn't much I want to actually do, but I've kept my fingers busy by knitting. Currently working on Whisp, it seems to never end! lol but I will keep knitting little by little and it will get finished, and it will be beautiful!!!
during the stiches, I came across one of my childhood books which made me smile...yes I have a little love for deer atm, so whats one more thing to add to my little obsessions.

how can you not love Bambi, honestly, big brown eyes so innocent and pure. I read it to my little lily several times today. I heart her.

that is all I have to share today, tomorrow is another day and another post.
enjoy the rest of the day 11 Blogtober posts!

Give away will be posted about very soon
x Courtney


  1. I often find that busy hands calm my mind. I bet your whisp will look amazing when it's finished.


  2. desperatly looking forward to seeing wisp complete


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