Friday, October 1, 2010

Day One! Blogtoberfest

With a packed lunch and a vintage compass in my pocket, I will embark on a months worth of adventures so that my little corner of the Internet world will be filled with my posts. As I've mentioned during my previous entries, a few of my close girlfriends decided to jump head first into a quilt swap.
Keep in mind most of us are beginners, its more about the love and friendship behind the stitches then the stitches themselves...each month we get a new partner to sew squares for.

My first partner was none other than the quilt goddess Becky! over at Becky et al
this woman is a demon behind a sewing machine, I am very lucky to be able to sew for her.
The posty delivered her fabric for the month to my doorstep, enclosed with a lovely little note and some tea (which is being drank as I type this)

Keep and eye out, as this little blog will be having their first blogtoberfest giveaway! for more beautiful blogs playing for the month pop on over to TinnieGirls Blog and enjoy the words the photos and the experience.

Seeyou tomorrow!
xx Courtney


  1. I am now thinking I should have written a 'neater' note!

    Enjoy the tea, and enjoy the sewing. Looking forward to sharing Blogtober with you lovely lady :)

  2. welcome to commentoberfest where Lisa will comment on your blog every day for a month - watch out for worlds of love, advise, wisdom and humour xxxxxxxx

  3. so glad you are joining Blogtoberfest xx

  4. Can't wait to see what you create throughout the month.
    Love the new profile pic.

  5. I love quilt swaps.

    Happy Blogtoberfest!


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