Monday, February 14, 2011

a simple and sacred moment

Valentines day this year was something different, it was celebrated early since at the moment, my man and I live 7 hours apart, so we arranged to do the couples day just before the actual day.
Exchanging gifts, from the handmade to the beautiful, it was a little mind blowing to be celebrating a day I never really liked all that much. With a chicken and Parmasan rissotto cooked we snuggled up on the couch watching Iron Chef and giggling, but it was my darlings actions next that turned the night from cute to sacred.

A hot bath was ran for me, soft lighting, and a little stool set up by the bath. He spent a good hour, pouring warm water over every part of my body, all my aches, my hands, feet and shoulders. It was a feeling I couldnt describe even if I'd wanted to. I felt so deeply loved in that moment, that it took my breath away. This man, holds my heart in his hands and he protects it with his life....and that is so deeply special to me.

xx Happy Valentines Day
love Courtney

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