Saturday, February 19, 2011

a weekend from me.

The weekend is upon us yet again, it comes as quickly as it goes, and as this is a non boyfriend weekend, I keep myself busy creating to make time fly a little faster past me.
After almost two years, and two knitting camps I finally finished a shawl for myself, well almost finished, I still have ends to weave in but that can be done very quickly. Handspun beautiful yarn from my best friendin the world miss Lisa over at I knit shit this yarn was adored by me and still is in shawl form, perfect for my shoulders this winter, I'm proud to actually be finished something knitted, which have given me a little momentum to keep knitting.
which brings the brightness to my day, a ball of Noro, taken from a tea and yarn swap box I squeeled with delight as I grabbed it for my very own!! the colours make magic for my little heart. I itched to cast on so the moment I finished the shawl of two camps, this was casted on.

Im loosely following this pattern 'The Simple Yet Effective Shawl'
Im going to throw in a few yo rows when I feel the need for something different, its fun watching the colours change.

on the drawing front, I've falled in love with blocks of wood as a surface to draw on! I spent sometime drawing and colouring offcuts my dear dad gave me, here is one of the works in progress! soon when I get the courage, I will start wood burning.

bring on next weekend!
xx Courtney


  1. OMG the detail in that wood painting is divine !!!!

  2. gorgeous! I've found noro to be quite addictive. the colours are just so luscious.


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