Saturday, March 5, 2011

the birth of a junk journal

I've been slightly obsessed with a journal course Id desperately like to do, but for now I'm trying to recreate something similar, a junk journal of sorts, compiling the things you keep in drawers, boxes in nooks, stuff you save for that one day I'll need that moment. So I've pulled apart my collections of things, photos, saved envelopes you name it I've got it stacked on my bed next to my desk waiting for the moment when its needed.

As you can see my little desk is a little crowded! I've only broken one sewing machine needle so far as I over estimated how thick a greeting card is lol, (dont try sew one up to make a pocket, my little husky wasn't impressed with that experiment!)

below is the first of a few signatures, being held together with clamps as I add things, accents, photos till I'm happy. Once I think the signature is finished, I will bind them together pile them up and work on sewing a fabric collage cover to encase it all. Its been a bit time consuming, putting things together, sewing taping mixing and matching, but its been so much fun! I think the boyfriend has had a good time watching me work in my crazy mess! Its a great project for all the paper hoarders out there!

in other creative adventures, I've done a little soul searching lately, being a proud fighter of depression, I am currently med free, this comes with its pro's and cons as most things do, but its the con's I'm having trouble battling, so to keep myself 'happy' I've started a collage journal. This Kikki K '365 days' Journal was gifted to me about a year and a half ago now! and its really lovely,
so the basic premise is that you can start a yearly thing anytime in the year and do it for 365 personal challenge, to create a collage everyday for a year, blog them when I can, but first and foremost..get them down in this cute little book...its a way of waking my brain up from the darkness and making it create, because besides my family friends and darling makes me happy...and happy is where I need to be.

so some little whimsy elephant drawings, for day one, and a few odds and ends glue and stapled down for day is day three, so before the day is out, this little paper artist will be collecting and collaging something thats a promise.
So, thats where I am in amongst paper mountains and Washii tape with a big grin on my face.
I shall be back either later tonight with day three, or tomorrow with day three and four.
take care bumbles!
xoxo Courtney

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  1. These elephant drawings are super cute! Hope the diary's helping with the depression. It's a cute little idea!


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