Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Journal Pages! Collaging the Year Away

a few days ago I decided to start creating a collage a day, making sure that each day I did some form of art in my journal, bloggin them when I can. So on this brisk morning, Ive grabbed my journal and my camera and snapped the last couple of days work for you to see.

My desk is a whirlwind, and thats ok.

pages 4 and 5 before, some of my whimsy animals I worked on a while ago during my world of whimsy course with willowing. the background on page 4 is the artistic stylings of my little 2.5 year old daughter lily, who brought this home from kindy. I fell in love with it, and decided it needed to be showcased somewhere. and of course the almighty Washii tape!
page 5 is a little mixed media painting collage work, lots of layers even if they aren't seen! My watercolour crayons just make my life that much sweeter.

and my latest work, a quirky girl, inspired by the work of MyCreativeBliss
background is a page from frankie, and I've drawn around them not so carefully with a big mother of a sharpie pen.

things that make me smile today....a gift from my soulsister, a package arrived yesterday with a new art journal for me to put through its paces, an adorable pen and a pack of these little clips of Cute!
Im offt to work on some scrap bits of card to see what I can create!
enjoy your tuesday, I will spend it listening to my new musical love Ingrid
with paint on my hands and a hot tea on my desk.

oxox Courtney

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