Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a glimpse...

Even though I haven't been posting my pages as of late, I have been creating them! So I thought it was time to show off a few of my faves. I did get a few days behind with my stupid cold! but I caught up and I am back on track!

I started working on a few double page spreads, for things that I liked to show off a little, so I worked on them two days running to make them one complete work. Below is a double spread, gessoed pages, old book pages, a magazine cut out I'd been hoarding in my folders of things I like. Inks and penwork.
another double spread, this image I found in one of the many homey magazine I read, I cut it out and filed it away maybe a year or so ago, it became a beautiful backdrop for a work on changes, perspective and direction. A photograph of mine features on the left hand side the weather vane
a little bird house image, some stamping washii tape of win and some penwork.
I've been practicing my drawing as of late, getting my faces right...soon I should move onto bodies lol, cant have books full of floating heads! so did a little collage work, using one of my drawings, the face was coloured with Prisma Pencils (which oh my goddess are the absolute sex of pencils) some random scrapbooking paper, some prints from frankie pages and of course penwork.
and last one for this post, more of my girls, in this face I used Gamsole to smooth out the pencils to let it blend in, it was a new experience and Im still unsure if I like how it looks or not, but its growth artistically. Involved in this page are the following - Book pages, Distress Inks, prisma pencils, Gesso and penwork.
that is all from the collage book for today, I shall be back with the progress of my lily quilt. My dear friend ellie is waiting to see how I'm going with her!
xx Courtney

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