Wednesday, March 23, 2011

quilting progress

As I've mentioned before, I started a quilt for my daughter Lily, who kinda drew the short straw being the second kid, she doesn't get alot of new things since I had alot of things from when Eli was born, so I thought it was time she got something special from her mummy.
I started cutting the squares with my mumma last week, and the ironing and the sewing began! 5 blocks across 7 rows down. with a bright pink polkadot sashed boarder, the backing is a smaller dot in pink, and the binding is a baby pink with white dots...can you tell I like dots lol.

the sewing of the blocks took me maybe 3 hours from start to finish. Then it was a trip to the fabric store in town for some batting and backing. I then started the AWFUL task of basting, which I must say I suck royally at! Next time I will wait for help lol, all this has been a learning curve but one must start somewhere.

I have started straight line quilting this little gem and its a slow slow task but I know it will be worth it in the end. It has shifted a little so some of the sashing will be trimmed to even it back up, I shall make up for this by making a decently think binding.

my sweet flower at the park a few weekends ago with my man and eli. She was so serious on the swing till I pushed her a little higher then the smiles came out to play hehe.
so thats where I am up to! I'll keep straight lining all the way down as straight as I can (which isnt that straight lol) then hopefully it will be ready to bind at 'Camp Courtney' a little craft camp at my place with the women I adore spending time with! hopefully the goddess Ellie will share her binding wisdom and it can be finished!
two blogs in one day! can you feel the love?
enjoy your afternoon, I shall enjoy mine with tea and cake with the lovely Emily.

xox Courtney


  1. Wow! That is looking gorgeous Courts!

  2. what a beautiful family you have. i also have a little girl called Lily ~ not so little now! 17 ... beautiful quilt!


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