Tuesday, April 19, 2011

an afternoon with Sophie B

It's always such a magical place even at my age, the fabric store is such a hive of colour and texture. You can get lost in the prints of the fabrics, the wall of buttons, the shades of everything, its almost as if every shelf is a rainbow...and its truly beautiful. My Mum and I went to the fabric store with my little dear niece Sophia, her first trip to a fabric store.

She pointed out everything that was pink, which made me smile as I snapped photos from different areas of the store. As I said, even at 27...its still magical to me.

embroidery threads, waiting to be turned into something grand, or simple...as simple as a dolls face on a softie.
and of course, I wasn't going to leave you without a taste of my favourite colour would I!, the wall of green buttons, where most my buttons for my handmade items come from..its not often I dont buy green buttons, if it isn't green, its wooden buttons.
and the little girl that makes my heart boom, as if she were my own...little sophie B as I call her.
She really did love the fabric store...maybe one day aunty will teach her all she knows...

enjoy your Wednesday, I will spend it in front of my sewing machine, making master elijah a crazy pirate inspired quilt. Wish me luck!
x Courtney


  1. What a beautiful photo of Sophie. You sure have a way with the camera.

  2. Your blog is cute. Became new follower. Come check out mine sometime.


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