Monday, May 2, 2011

escaped into a dream.

as I mentioned in previous posts, I was set for a getaway with boyfriend. Here are just some of the snapshots I took while I was away.

We stayed at the Lindsay house in Armidale, shopped till we dropped, snuggled, laughed held hands kissed and just enjoyed 3 days purely in eachothers company.
The room number, for some reason made me smile.

The entrance into the dining room, where the dinner menu stood, adorable foyer, filled with just the most devine furniture.

every morning breakfast was served, a selection of pastries, cereals, muselie, tea coffee toast and juices...all included in the price and the room in which you dined in, was just so delightful.

we spent our dinners in the same room, but next to the roaring fire, this was a huge highlight for both of us, him with his book, me with my knitting even after dinner we spent a little time in this room just enjoying the warmth a little chatter and some tea.

some of the furniture just took my breath away, I wanted to steal this away for my own house hehe, It gave the boy and I much to think about when filling our own house one day with a style we both love.
and for some reason my favourite image of my trip....leaving me with a school girl feeling. Mornings in bed laughing under the sheets as we talked about our future, the kids and life in was a fantastic trip away. I was spoilt the entire time. I hope my man knows that this was a huge highlight in my life.

two blogs in one day! and I'm done till I get some crafty work done... working on a journal which I'll post about soon enough.
xx Courtney

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