Monday, April 11, 2011

a little girl..and her blanket.

after camp Courtney wound up sunday afternoon the house felt empty, but the days the girls were here, were filled with laughter sewing, and creating. I could do camp every single day....the highlight was the coming together of something very close to my heart.

my very first quilt...for my little quirky daughter. Al ot of mistakes, a lot of wonky lines, but a hell of a lot of love...and the pink cloud if girly is finished.

dots and spots..butterflies and cupcakes, flowers and paisley are just some of the prints featured in this quilt. I learnt so much making this quilt, what not to do, what to do and what was just right.

wonky sashing, due to my dodgy basting, straight line quilting that felt like it went on and on and on! but all of it doesnt matter....because my lily...adores it.

all women in some way did their bit to make this quilt special for lily, right down to the hand embroidered patch on the back saying made with love. Im proud to have been able to give my little girl something truly unique...
and now its time I start collecting boy fabrics, so master elijah can have his own...
enjoy your monday afternoon in the soft sunlight
thankyou once again to the wonderful ladies who made my weekend truly amazing.


  1. The quilt for Lily turned out just beautiful. I love how you have stitched all the lines in it to give it some added texture. I am assuming that is all done on the machine and not by hand.


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