Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catch up! Easter.

Yes! the Easter Bunny stopped at the Raven's House and I am so very late in posting my images but better late than never! This was the first year I really enjoyed with the kids and family. So relaxed, the kids knew what was going on, were excited! Boyfriend and I made a fantastic easter bunny team, leaving magical bunny prints through the house, I was a giddy as the kids were in the morning, being with a man that wanted to make the experience magical for the kids, was such a new and wonderful feeling...I cant wait to do this year in year out with him.

Miss Lily showing off her bounty!
I figured out she was a serial unwrapper, lol every egg unwrapped hardly any eaten...cute as a button.

filling their baskets with the hunt eggs at nanna's, was so adorable watching all three kids scamper around the backyard collecting, squeeling and running.

master eli with his basket!, although his sister trumped all the kids, she had the lions share of egg finds!a beautiful moment...teaching lily letters and numbers while I cooked breakfast for the family on the BBQ for my first time ever!

eljah got dinosaurs and eggs from his aunty, they kept him amused for most of the morning!

the first photo I've got in such a long long time of my mum and dad, smiling and together, this photo will be blown up and put into a frame, as I haven't got one of them together at all...so here is the first of many I hope.
an easter without my sister wouldnt be one at all...here she is with her little man Ryan.
and the moment you have all been waiting for! How Courtney is an epic BBQ cooker! feast your eyes lol...(can you tell I'm totally proud!)
everyones plates....empty...fantastic way to end easter as a new family of 4. I am going to enjoy this new life Im building with the man, I never thought I'd get a second chance at falling in love...but I'm very glad I have.

up next, my get away photos....another experience filled with beautiful memories.
xox Courtney

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