Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Pages - Art Journal Play

Another Friday is upon us! and with that, more pages from my Art journal, I'm losing a little steam in the ole' journal department, I think maybe its because I'm not pushing myself hard enough, trying to get out of the box, so that is next weeks challenge, to come up with new ways to journal, that I've not tested before.
I worked on some sketches then glued them down to give them life - there was a video of this, but imovie cracked a tantrum! so looks like no video till Tuesday when I'm kid free again. Sorry my dears.

I wasn't very happy how the entire page turned out, and I think her hair is a little too big lol. I might even work back over her, gesso out what I dont like and start again....we shall see.

in this spread I played with some stamping, and some watercolour paints in tubes, using a baby wipe and just staining the paper with it, I really liked how it came out, so that will be somehthing I do alot more I think.
and a page I haven't journalled on yet but I really like this, so simple, just a bit of paint glue, designer paper and some gesso, the girl used watercolour crayons, graphite, and a little stamping like I said simple.

and a work in progress...image transfer from an old encyclopedia didn't take, the ink mustn't lend itself to transference so I'll find that little mess with something, not sure shall find out next week.

and there you have it, those are the pages I worked on during my spare time, a little of this a little of that, maybe next week I'll have some totally new things to show you, if my challenge for myself actually is that, out of the box journalling!

take care of yourself
and make sure you get your journal out over the weekend and make a mark...anything is better then nothing.
xx Courtney


  1. Hi there! I just discovered your blog not long ago. (maybe through the "get your paint on"- course group on flick? Don't remember anymore!) I just would like to say that I love your inspiring journals! I really know the feeling of not challenging myself. Thats why I'm taking a course :)


  2. You're a Suzi Blu students, aren't you ? Would be fun to connect there :)

    Don't worry for the video, we will patiently wait for it.

    Have fun ! this is what matters.

  3. Hey Coutney..You are way too hard on yourself. I hope you don't gesso over your drawing...It's perfect the way it is. You should see my hair when I blow dry it without any rhyme or's HUGE. lol Anywho love your stuff.. I especially enjoy how each page has a different feel and direction. This is something I need to work on.

  4. oops, sorry about mis-spelling your name. Hate when I do that. lol


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