Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Creative Space : Inky Bed Play

A Thursday where the skies are grey and the day is rather chilly, I'm sat on my bed with my journal, with the kids at kindy for the day, I've just breathed a sigh of relief at the quiet and had some fun with colours I don't usually use together, and I'm adoring them now!

I haven't played in my journal all week, so this was a welcome moment...I always forget how much creating in my journal calms me down to all the motherly life stressers, but as soon as my pencil hits that page...the stress blurs and there is just me and that page. It is truly bliss.

using muslin as my brush cleaner between colours...which I will then cut up to use in my artwork once I think its got enough soul...

on the other creative front, with my trip to Sydney on Tuesday I want a nice chunky wrap around knitted Im knitting the pattern The Grey Loop and if you can't get access Ravelry and want to check the pattern out pop over here I however twisted mine and I'd knitted 10 rows or so before I discovered! so I chucked a small knitters tanty and went MEH! it will be twisted around my neck, who cares!!! and kept knitting hehe

so that is me for the week, be sure to pop in tomorrow for my installment of Friday pages, where I show off what I've been working on in my journal, and if time permits there will be a time lapse art vid embedded from my YouTube channel.
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Take care,
see you guys tomorrow!
xx Courtney


  1. I know exactly what you mean about having a quiet moment... those motherly stress moments can sometimes be too much. I TOTALLY understand. The girl you drew with the star is a beauty!

  2. Those quiet moment are so precious, hey!! I find painting/creating really relaxing and calming too.. it's like the crazy world stops for a few moments! Knitting can be a bit frustrating at time... ha ha ha... Your grey loop scarf is going to look fab :)

  3. I love her face - and the color! Hmmm, inspiring, I think some hair change is coming up! ;o)

  4. I am so craving quality time in the studio right now! Not until Sunday for me tho! And I love to knit! Altho I'm not very good yet I can't get enough of yummy colorful yarns!

  5. loving your journal page soooo much

  6. Quiet moments are so rare and precious. I love what you're creating. Giggling at the knitters tanty.


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