Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get Your Art on Day 13 - Doll Love

So today was sew boyfriends nieces a toy day, and I decided to do the Black Apple doll pattern featured on Martha Stewart a few years ago, I didnt enlarge the doll like it said because I didnt have the ability to do that, so I was making bubby dolls which are still cute too!

instead of doing the simple closed eye half moon eyes, like the pattern tells me too...I thought I'd get my art on and give it a Courtney touch....

so I got out my paints and pencils and started drawing, inking and reworking..then finally sealing them with a binder medium, attaching a little button and their heads are ready to be sewn to the little dress bodies. I did start their arms and legs...but there was some uber SEWING FAIL! and I will have to remake all their body parts tomorrow slightly bigger and with more seam allowance to stop seam ripping as I try to turn them out with a pencil.

sorry about the dodgy photos, I got so caught up in cutting and making these dolls that it was rather late when I photographed them so the light is appalling.

jump on over to Traci's blog to see her lovely jump start on a journal page, and I'll be back tomorrow with maybe *fingers crosses* finished dolls...if the sewing goddess isn't striking me down with a little bit of what my girlfriends and I like to call...a bad case of shit touch.

xx Courtney


  1. these are going to be gorgeous. I hope you show us the finished ones. I might need Santa to bring ME one of those for Christmas.

  2. Their heads, at least, are perfect :)So cute!

  3. Love their little faces and can't wait to see them when finished! PS the photo turned out fine on my end :)

  4. Wow! What a beautiful face!
    I'd love to see the finished doll!

  5. No Shit Touch on those faces, they're spectacular.

  6. Beautiful, Courts - they'll love them1

  7. Ahhhhh, says it all. What sweetness. Love the button hair accessory.


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