Friday, July 15, 2011

Get Your Art on Day 14 - Doll one Done..Almost

The night is young and yet I have alot of things to do, pack for sydney..clean the house well tidy up a little, make sure dogs stuff is sorted for his babysitting make sure my art journal is with me...and my new art journal since I have an inkling I shall finish my current one in Sydney.
This little darling is what I've spent two grueling days on, so my art the art of doll making. I just have to knit her a little red scarf to go around her neck, and she be done. This little dear is Emma.

I'm so sleepy lol, these dolls might be small but they sure do take some fiddling. I have the proper enlarged size now, so if I'm game enough I'll make my little girl one, and my niece.

Pop over to Traci's blog to see her finished journal page spread, I shall see you tomorrow with whatever I do in between the crazyness of packing two small humans and a mamma up for two weeks away.
xx Courtney

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  1. Your doll is very cute!! Have fun in Sydney! I'm also off for a week to Niagara Falls, I hope I can still keep up with the challenge!


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