Saturday, July 16, 2011

Get Your Art On Day 15 - Arty Packing

The only arty thing going on at the moment is packing Art Supplies for my two week trip to sydney with the little ones and the boy. So I spent more than 3o mins doing that! lol there was sorting and trading off with myself, if I take this and this I cant take that and this. But I might need this (when I never use it) but there is always the what if I suddenly really wanted to use it...the boy watched me as I took things from shelves, boxes paint tubes, stamps, sprays and muttered to myself over what was coming and what wasnt...'You're taking your distress inks' he asked confused as to why I would need my entire range of inks, I just looked at him...and the look said it all... Never come between and artist and her supplies when its road trip packing.

I am taking a little portable watercolour moleskine for the drive, with an aqua pen and my colours to see what 'car art' I can come up with. Im sure alot of background randomness will occur in the 8 hour drive.

I shall see you tomorrow with the fruits of my car art. Sorry the above photo isnt my usual image quality, I snapped with that new app everyone seems to be using instagram. My cannon battery is charging for the trip!

pop on over to Traci's blog to see what delightful thing she's arted up!

xoxox Courtney


  1. sounds like it won't be long and you will be in the car with your boy to get a taste of the new life you will start soon. Have fun and look forward to your post from Sydney.

  2. Ha! Never get between the artist and her supplies! So true! Have a good time arting on the road. I will look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor... Be safe and have a great trip!
    Jessi xox


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