Sunday, July 17, 2011

Get Your Art On Day 16 - Car Art

8 Hours, what a drive, what a drive, teacup humans were very well behaved, I was very impressed by them, they watched dvd's and they drew pictures with their etcha sketch (arty mumma go go) so car art wasnt that fab, I spent most of my time keeping the boy entertained while the kids watched Dvd's so I played with my watercolours for a little bit and did some sketching in my little sketch book

I would love to stay and chat a while, but the drive took it out of me, tomorrow will be a little of my art for the day and a little of the kids art, as I have craft things waiting for them to play with in the next few days.

pop over to to Traci's blog for her post today!
and I shall see you tomorrow with some proper art and proper photos
xoxo Courtney

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