Monday, July 18, 2011

Get Your Art on Day 17 - a little acrylic.

a day inside with the little ones, lots of paper, highlighters and pipecleaners. they happily drew while I created my art for the day, back on track no more silly art! so back in the art journal with my acrylic paints this time...
trying to do faces with different techniques not just the same thing over and over, so I used some odd colour combos and a paintbrush and went on my merry way

a little acrylic for the background and I used a wet one to push it around the page.

a little spray inks and some text stamping and that page is done, till I journal over it a little later on.
so there is my art for the day! feels good to be back on track, yes I have arted everyday but not to my fullest! so here I be, back in my art journal, and creating art that makes me smile

pop over to Traci's blog for her post
and take care till tomorrow!
Im off to Ikea tonight, and I'm stupidly excited lol.
xox Courtney


  1. I am your newest Follower. I just found your blog. I was reading your post and noticed that you used the word "arted" as a verb. I use that word often and it made me happy to see someone else use it. I know that sounds silly but it made me want to follow your blog {that and the fact that you create some lovely art}. Lynda from

  2. This is fabulous! What beautiful pages!

  3. The REDHEAD really pops off the page, very lively page! I also spent time today getting my art on with a little loved one... my niece Amelia who's in 3rd grade. Stop by my blog and check out her red sunflower it will make you smile ;-)


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