Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get Your Art on Day 18 - GulfSprite Love.

with the day stolen from me with a fun outing with the kids and the boy's lovely sister there wasnt much time for me to art it up, so I went to my folder of printed our beautifuls from the so very talented GulfSprite she has these amazing digital art images you can buy and print out to create beautiful journal pages with not much time! and time was what I had little of today so this was perfect.

started with my dodgy car art page that I hated so I started layering over it to make a very lovely background, tore the image up and pasted her down and brighted her original colours with paints and inks. Sprays and doilys I loved having something beautiful in less than 30 mins. tonight when the little ones have gone to bed, I shall fill in the details with my pens. For now I have chicken and bacon casserole to make!

pop over to Traci's blog for her art supply give away and her art for the day! and please stop buy Gulfsprites blog and store, she is so very talented, her work with colours and sprays just blow my mind!

take care xox

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  1. I love it. I love how you have written the text here, striking and perfect.


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